Sports Ethics and Integrity: Fully Funded Swansea & JGU Joint PhD: football competition manipulation

  • For : PHD
  • Sports Ethics and Integrity
  • €55,855
  • Last Date to Apply 10 September 2023

The venture will recognize the basic games trustworthiness partners inside football and model the ideal dissemination of obligations and collaboration between those partners with regards to instruction and counteraction. It will recognize and break down the procedures carried out and devices used to bring issues to light among different football populaces that can be focused on to fix coordinates and become engaged with such debasement plans.  It will foster a model of partner’s commitments in regards to location and revealing, and how to adapt to related data.

It is a joint PhD between Swansea College and Johannes Gutenberg-Universität (JGU) Mainz. It is one of 17 PhDs on offer through a Doctoral Organization (DAiSI) financed by the EU, UKRI and Swiss Government. The Doctoral Preparation Organization in Game Morals and Honesty (DAiSI) has laid out an interdisciplinary organization of examination establishments and non legislative associations in the field of game morals and uprightness. It will create a partner of doctoral competitors (DCs) that are fit for figuring out, creating, and scrutinizing the complex ethico-lawful difficulties in wearing settings all over the planet. The DAiSI Doctoral Preparation Organization (DTN) will frame another age of specialists and game authorities outfitted with the fundamental hypothetical and strategic abilities to recognize, forestall, and oversee current and future dangers to brandish honesty in both game decision and game related government bodies.


  1. Applications from early on are strongly encouraged. Candidates will typically hold an Unhitched male and Expert Degree in a field pertinent to the subject of study.
  2. The doctoral up-and-comer doesn’t yet have a PhD toward the beginning of his/her task.
  3. The doctoral applicant has not lived or done their fundamental movement (for example work, studies) in the nation of enrollment (for example UK) for over a year in the 3 years promptly preceding the beginning of his/her task .
  4. The duration of the doctoral candidate’s recruitment is limited to 36 months.
  5. All competitors should have a base IELTS score of 6.5 generally with no less than 5.5 in the four parts of language learning.
  6. This grant is available to competitors of any ethnicity (as long as you meet the above rules re. nation of study/work in most recent 3 years).
  7. NB: On the off chance that you are holding a non-UK degree, kindly see Swansea College degree correlations with see whether you meet the qualification.

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