Kreditkortsval’s Scholarship Program for Economics Students

  • For Master and Bachelor
  • 5000 SEK
  • Last Date to apply 30 October 2023

They welcome applications from anyone who can demonstrate that they will write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis during the upcoming semester and that they are enrolled at a Swedish college or university or an equivalent school abroad.


  1. The scholarship is intended for students majoring in economics or a field connected to fintech and possible payment solutions in the future.
  2. To be qualified to apply for the grant, you should at present be effectively enlisted at a Swedish school or College and want to compose a paper at the C or D level.
  3. They have also made the scholarship available to students studying abroad beginning in the fall semester of 2023. You must write a thesis for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.


For the next few years, the 5,000 SEK scholarship will be given out twice: once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester.


Reach them through email to apply for the grant, and make a point to incorporate the accompanying data:

Your entire name.

Documentation of enrollment at an educational establishment (in Sweden or another country).

An itemized portrayal of your arranged exposition and its branch of knowledge.

explaining why you ought to receive our scholarship.

USA Scholarship


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