VSBfonds Grant


Amount : 10,000 EUR

FOR: Master’s and Bachelor’s

VSBfonds grants allows every year to graduating understudies who wish to concentrate on abroad after their review program. It is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to involve this award for an entry level position or exploration project. You actually pick the instructive foundation abroad and set up for your confirmation. The instructive organization where you will study should be certify by that nation’s administration. On the off chance that that isn’t true, you should show that the nature of the foundation and study program you have picked satisfy the Dutch guidelines for advanced education. VSBfonds Grant is available every year for undergraduate students.

Eligible Countries :
All countries

To be qualified for a VSBfonds award, you should meet various necessities:
1) you are a full-time understudy graduating as Lone ranger or Expert
2) you have Dutch identity or a self evident association with the Netherlands
3) you are very roused and capable enough in the language of your nation of objective
4) you draw up a review plan that is in accordance with the review program your have finished.

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